How To Print Screen On Mac – Guide

How To Print Screen On Mac

Mac OS X offers several keyboard shortcuts to make a screenshot, once a shortcut is executed, an image named 1.png picture appears on the desktop. (If you make more, you will Image 1.png, 2.png Image, Image 3.png, etc).

Type screenshot Key combination
Total catch of the screen Command + Shift + 3
Capturing a screen area Command + Shift + 4 (with the mouse then select the area to capture)
Capture a window Command + Shift + 4 + Spacebar (then move the icon of the camera that appears on the window to capture)

Capture the entire screen

Pressing simultaneously on Apple (left of the space bar), Shift (above fn) and 3 (3 above the letters Z and E and not on the numeric keypad). If I make a test, I get this example (an image of the entire screen):

example of total screen printing

Capturing a part of the screen

Just simultaneously press Apple, Shift and 4. A pointer appears, simply place it in the desired location and drag it (staying press the mouse button) on the entire area to capture. So if I set up a pointer to the left of my screen to the next slide to the indicator of the Wi-Fi reception, I get this example:

example of partial screen printing

Capture a window, the dock, the menu bar …

Just simultaneously press Apple, Shift, 4 and the space bar. A mini camera appears, simply move the mouse to the desired location and click the mouse. So, I get such a clear picture of the window system information that I opened for the occasion:

screen printing example of a window

It is possible to use key combinations by adding CTRL, it will copy the image into the . clipboard, and therefore the then paste into an image editor (like Windows)
Finally, there is a utility for taking screenshots if you do not like the keyboard shortcuts: Applications> Utilities> Capture. Also note that some applications do not allow you to capture, such as eg DVD player, then you must exit the application to take a screenshot (I guess that avoids that we take a catch when viewing a DVD …)

note that there is a very nice little widget enabling a screen printing with many options (choice of image format, view the capture in iPhoto …) , go to the section Widgets: ScreenShot

And that ends our guide to How To Print Screen On Mac